Recalculate Aggregate

This action is used to recalculate ONLY aggregate data in a view.


Property: This is the property of the analysis view which will be recalculated.  The list of properties displayed will be all properties in the current view, regardless of if they are used as an aggregate or not.

Tips and Tricks

  • Properties which do not use aggregate/analysis sources will remain unaffected.  If they are in an unsaved state, they will remain in an unsaved state and you will not be prompted to save.
  • All other properties that use same analysis view source as the specified action's property will also be updated.  (example:  The properties "min" and "max" both use the same view as their analysis view source.  When Recalculate Aggregate is executed for the property "min" the property "max" will also be updated.)
  • Deleting records from an analysis view source will take effect immediately and be reflected as soon as any recalculation for ANY property is executed.
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