Hyperlinked URL Arguments

DataVoke has the ability to accept arguments in the URL so it can set specified variables and execute a specific action on the startup view.  This will allow a designer to create a specific hyperlink in an email notification that, when clicked, returns the user to a specified view and potentially retrieves a specified record.


URL Syntax: https://{token}.{domain}.com/?{"action":"startupViewActionIDToExecute","vars":[{"name":"var1","value":"xxxx"},{"name":"var2","value":"yyyy"}]}

  • {token} - DataVoke application name.
  • {domain} - Domain that the DataVoke application is located on.
  • "startupViewActionIDToExecute" - This is the ID number of the action chain that will be executed upon a successful login.  The ID is located in the Edit View designer, Actions & Events tab.  Double click the Action Chain that will be executed.  The ID number will be next to the Name field at the top of the Edit Action Chain designer.
  • "vars" - This is the segment that sets any number of variables upon a successful login.
  • "var1" - The name of the variable that will be set.  If used in an expression it will be referenced as {dvVar_var1}
  • "xxxx" -  What the variable will be set to.


  • https://dvdevtest0123.datavoke.com/?/?{"action":"8","vars":[{"name":"var1","value":"xxxx"},{"name":"var2","value":"yyyy"}]}

This url would, upon a successful login, would completely execute the startup View (this includes the view's On Open action chain), then it would set the variable var1 to "xxxx", set variable var2 to "yyyy" and execute action chain 8.


In order for the action chain to be executed  and variables to be set on login, the logged in user must be a member of a security group that is set on the action chain.  If no security group is set on the action chain, then any user may execute the chain.

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