History Browser

Previously know as the Audit Trail, the history browser displays the previous entries for the selected record.  The History Browser is a modal window and will always stay on top of all other windows.  The History Browser cannot be opened while in Design mode.

Selected Record

The Selected Record displays the name of the currently selected Record Code in the View.  If there are no records selected, the window will be blank and display, "No record selected."

Record Property Panel

Displays the column heading for each property in the grid.  Each property can be selected individually and the Record History Grid will update per property selected.

Record History Grid

Displays the most recent change first.  History navigation is by cell in the grid.

  • Value: The historical displayed value for the selected property.
  • Status: The historical status settings of the selected value.
  • Changed By: Displays the username of the person who made the change to the property.
  • Changed On: Displays the date/time (local) that each change occurred.  

Print Audit Trail Report

This button is currently disabled.  Will be enabled and functional at a later date.

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