Use an Expression to Calculate a Date

Next we'll walk through adding some automation to your data entry by adding an Expression to calculate a date in a View. 

Edit a Record Type

For this example we'll calculate an Expiration date using the Issue Date and Term in Months Property for a Record Type we're calling Licenses.

Use PinPoint Search to find and open a Record Type with a Datetime Property.

Edit the Properties of the Record Type

Open the details for the Expiration Date.

Launch the Expression Editor by clicking the ellipses button at the right of the Formula: Expression... section.

Edit the Properties of the Record Type

Check 'On Create Only' to ensure data isn't updated when refreshing a View.

Build an Expression

To calculate the Expiration Date we'll add a number of months to the Issue Date.

Select the Add Months Function and replace the placeholders with your properties. In this case [date] will be replaced with [Issue Date], and [number] with [Term in Months].

Now you can create your own custom expressions! Click here to learn more.

Test Your Expression

Notice when we added the Term in Months that the Expiration Date updates appropriately in the Application Licenses sub-grid.

When building a formula keep the following in mind:

  • Single quotes are required for Text and variables.  When selecting a variable from the list it will automatically add single quotes for you.  
  • You do not need single quotes when using a function or property.  
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