User - Reset Account

When executed on a User Extension Record Type record, this action resets a user account from the selected User Record Type Extension record using configured user Record Type extension settings.


  • The User Extension settings must be configured correctly for the User - Reset Account action to work.  This is located in the "System Settings" under the "User Extension" tab.
  • The User - Reset Account action must be created on a view made from the User Record Type because it uses the currently selected user record(s) when executing.
  • When executed, for each selected user record, the user will be enabled in the system, and if configured, the password will be reset.
  • This action will always ensure the user account is enabled and will use the User Extension settings for First & Last name to update the User Account first and last name.


  • Reset Password: Checking will reset the selected users passwords to the configured default password set in the User Record Type Extension
  • Force Password Reset on Next Login:  When enabled, the user will be forced to change their password after the next login.
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