Add PDF Document to Combine

The Add PDF Document to Combine action takes the currently selected record's attachment and adds it to a specified target file that is stored in memory.  Each successive execution of the action will append an additional file to the specified target file.


When the action is execute, the file in the Source Property of the selected record is appended to the target PDF file stored in memory until the Get Combined Document action is executed.  Multiple selected source records are not supported yet.  Multiple target PDF files may be used concurrently (one target PDF file will not affect another target PDF file).  Target PDF files will remain in memory for the current DataVoke session only.  The Target PDF file is a session wide file and can be accessed and downloaded from any view in the current DataVoke session.


  • Source Property: The property that contains the PDF file that will be combined with other PDF files.
  • As File Name: The Target file name that will be downloaded using the Get Combined Document action.

Only PDF files can be combined.  The use of any other file type will result in as error when the file is downloaded and the current DataVoke session will be terminated.  You will receive the same result if you try to combine and download a PDF that is password protected.  

PDF Files version 1.6 and newer may not be combined correctly as well as PDF's containing image layers.  


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