Report To PDF and Attach

The Report to PDF and Attach action will create and save a report in the selected record's attachment property that is set in the action's configuration.


The Report To PDF and Attach action will only be executed on a single selected record at a time.  Executing the action will attach a file, using the Report Name, to the specified property.  This will overwrite any existing attachment on that property.


  • Report Source:  This is the Report View that is used to generate the report.  The view selection list will only display views that have a report entry in the "Other" tab of the Edit View designer. The Report View needs to have the Report Location correctly filled out and a report located in that directory on the DataVoke server to function correctly.
  • Attach To:  The property that will be used to contain the generated PDF report file.  Only attachment properties will be shown in this list.
  • Report Name: The file name for the PDF report file.  This name is a string and can be generated using the expression editor.
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