User - Create Account

When executed on a User Extension Record Type record, this action creates a user account for the selected User Record Type Extension record using configured user Record Type extension settings.

The tuner should be able to select from a list of Security Groups to use when creating the new user record.


The User Extension settings must be configured correctly for the Create Account to work.  This is located in the "System Settings" under the "User Extension" tab.

The User - Create Account action must be created on a view made from the User Record Type because it uses the currently selected record(s).  

When executed, for each selected record, if the user does not already exist based on username:

  • A user account will be created using settings for this user will be determined from the currently selected user record.
  • The user will be placed in the security groups that were specified in the action.  
  • The user password will be set to the specified default password and the user will be activated for immediate usage.  
  • The new user will be required to change their password upon the initial login.


  • Security Groups (optional) - Select the security groups that the user will be a member of when the account is created.
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