DataVoke Core Actions

Utilize the options below to add functionality to your DataVoke solution. Store variables, send email notifications, and much more. The default actions in a new view include Close, Delete, New, Refresh, Save and Undo.


  • Add PDF Document to Combine Push a PDF document into a queue to combine into a single PDF document using Get Combined Document.  
  • Automate Document  Generates a document.
  • Capture Image and Attach Prompt with a camera view finder and save to a specified attachment property.
  • Download Attachment Download an attachment from the specified attachment property of a selected record to the local directory.
  • Get Combined Document Combine PDF documents into a single file and download it to a local directory.
  • Overlay PDF Allows the user to overlay data in the header and footer of an existing PDF.  With this new action you can build an expression with specific record information to be added to the header and footer of the PDF.  The action also allows you to set the document name when downloaded.
  • Report to PDF and Attach Run a report and attach a PDF copy to a specified attachment property.
  • Upload Files Provide a method for the user to select one or more files from their computer and upload them to a specified attachment property.


  • Copy Records (view to view) Copies records from a source view to a target view.
  • Delete Records Permanently delete one or more record in a view.
  • Export Data Allows information in the view to be exported out of DataVoke via the users’ clipboard.
  • Import Data Allows data from an external application to be imported into a view.
  • Join Links the current user to the selected record in the view.
  • Link Selected Specify links to existing record(s).
  • Move Record Position allows the user to move records within the grid.
  • New Record Adds a new record to the grid.
  • Save Data Changes Saves all of the currently unsaved changes to the data.
  • Set Status Assigns a status to a property in the view.
  • Set Value Set a value for a property using an expression for the current record in the specified view.
  • Un-Join Performs the opposite action of the joined action, un-links the current user from the selected record in the view.
  • Un-Link Related Records Unlinks all selected links in a Sub-Grid from the selected record in a parent view.
  • Undo Undo any data changes that have not yet been saved.

Learn more about deleting child records.


  • Alter View Settings Allows real time changes to be made to the parent view's display name, action chain button availability, property values and filtering.
  • Call Action Chain Executes an action chain that is located on a different view.
  • For Each Will execute the selected action chain once for all records visible in a view or, if the option is selected,each selected record in the view.
  • If Evaluate a custom Boolean (Yes/No) expression and execute action chain(s) based on the result.
  • Run Javascript Execute injected JavaScript in your DataVoke solution.
  • Send Email Send a custom email to the configured recipients.
  • Store Variable Store and retrieve property values or static variables that will survive for the users session, unless cleared or overwritten.
  • Wait Cause the action chain to wait a specified number of milliseconds before continuing.

Learn more about the Expression Editor and Custom Expressions.


User Interface (UI)

Learn more about using actions to Create a Pop-up or Background View.

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