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This action allows the user to display a message box on the screen.


Upon activating the action, a message box should appear that matches the settings that were specified in the Action editing process.  In addition to the message box's appearance, any action chains that were specified for its buttons should execute properly.


  • Message Type: This drop down allows the selection of the style of the message box.  There are four options: Info - Informational Style Message (which adds a blue outline around the message, as well as a circular blue icon with an "i" inside it), Error Style Message (which adds a red outline around the message, as well as a red "X" icon), Toast message (message appears for a set amount of time then auto closes), and Confirm Style Message (which adds an orange outline around the message, as well an orange icon with a "?").
  • Message Expression: This specifies the message that will be shown in the message box.  Clicking in the dialog box allows the user to enter the message, which must be enclosed in single quotes. Additionally, Clicking the Expression Editor Icon to the right of the dialog box will allow composition of an expression using the expression editor to determine the text/message to be displayed.
  • Buttons for message prompt: This setting can serve multiple purposes.
    • First, it allows the user to specify the text that appears on the buttons in the message box.  By default, the Informational and Error Style Messages will have "OK" buttons specified for them, and the Confirm Style Message will have "Yes" and "No" buttons specified for it.  Additional buttons can be added via the green "+" icon as the user sees fit, and buttons can be removed by clicking the red "-" icon.  The text within each button can be edited by selecting the button and then editing the text in the dialog box below the button list, it should be noted that the text must be enclosed in single quotes.
    • Second, in addition to specifying the text within the button, the user can specify an action chain to execute upon clicking the button.  This can be set via the Run Action selection box.
    • Third, with the "Break" option, the user can stop the execution of the action chain after the button execution completes.
    • Finally, once all button configurations have been set, the user can use the blue arrow boxes to arrange the order of the buttons to be shown on the message box.
  • Duration (MS):  This is the amount of time that a Toast message will be displayed before disappearing.

Tips, tricks, and examples

When specifying the text for the message prompt and the buttons, be sure to always enclose the text in single quotes.  Neglecting to do this will cause DataVoke to display an error message when the action is executed, as it will read the information as property names instead of plain text.

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