Close View

This action closes the main grid view to which the action belongs.


  • When a Close View action is initiated, it first checks the primary view for  unsaved changes. If there are, a prompt will appear that asks the user if they want to save them (if there are not any unsaved changes, the primary view will close without the prompt appearing).
  • The Close View action does NOT check for changes on any of the embedded views of the view that the action was initiated from.  Therefore, the action will discard any changes to those views.
  • Closing the primary view will also close all embedded views of the primary view.
  • All view changes that have not been saved prior to closing the view will be discarded.


Do Not Prompt User:  When enabled, the closing the view will not show the prompt that elements in the view may be "dirty" (may have changed) and require a save.  If Yes is selected when prompted, ONLY the unsaved changes to the primary view will be saved prior to the view closing.

  • If No is selected when prompted, all pending changes to the view will discarded prior to the view closing.
  • If Cancel is selected when prompted, the Close View action will abort.
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