For Each

The For Each action will execute the selected action chain once for all records visible in a view or, if the option is selected, each selected record in the view.


  • If the view is a "Selection Grid" view, then the For Each action will iterate through each checked/selected record.
  • If the view is a normal Grid View, then the For Each action will iterate through each highlighted record.  Multiple records may be highlighted by pressing the Shift and/or Ctrl button while mouse clicking on a record.


  • Action Chain: The action chain that will be executed with each iteration of the For Each action.
  • Run Selected Only: If this option is checked, the For Each action will run the Action Chain once for each record that is selected/highlighted.  If unchecked, the action will run the Action Chain for all visible records in the view.
  • Notify Execution: If this option is checked, then any views that are listening to the view that owns the For Each action will receive a "Selection Changed" notification so that other logic can be executed as needed.

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