This action links the current user to the selected record in the view. When tuning this action, the User Record Type Extension settings must be properly set up for this to function correctly.  This setting can be found via the Main Toolbar by clicking on the gear icon.


  • This action requires that the User Record Type Extension settings be set up correctly.  It also requires that the current user have an entry in that User Extension.
  • An example of a common use would be to access a quick list of tasks that are assigned to a logged-in user.  Selecting the task and executing the Join action would create a link between the logged in user and the selected task.

Tips, tricks, and examples

In order to see records linked to a specific user you will need to select the Linked to User option on the Data tab of the View Editor .  This will limit the view to only display records linked to the current user with the Join action.    

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