The Export action allows information in the view to be exported out of DataVoke via the users clipboard.


  • This exported information can then be used in other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word. Users required to show information from DataVoke in another application will find this action useful.
  • Export action exports only the properties that are displayed in the grid view.
  • Attachment Properties should be hidden before using the Export action.
  • The Export action copies all visible records in the grid to the user's clipboard; a process similar to selecting all cells in MS Excel.
  • If records are exported with formatting, all records will be copied to the clipboard in HTML format, which can be pasted to MS Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet or note-taking application.

Any data that not displayed on screen due to being collapsed inside a group WILL NOT be exported.


  • Do Not Format Output (Raw Text): If checked,the records will be copied to the clipboard tab in delimited format,without font and color details. If unchecked, the records will be copied to the clipboard with HTML formatting included with the data.
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