Copy Records (view to view)

This action is used to copy multiple records at once; creating a complete data structure that includes links between the elements.


  • Source View: A grid view that is the root of the data structure to be copied.
  • Destination View: A grid view that has the same grid structure as the source view.  This is where the data will be copied to.
  • Direct Copy: If checked, all view properties (including hidden properties) will be copied to the destination view. If left unchecked, only visible properties will be copied.
  • Copy All: If checked, all records displayed in the view will be copied.  If left unchecked, only selected records will be copied.

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    Geoff Hopperstäd

    Does this truly work only for grid views? Seems like it should work for any 2 views based on the same record type, but when I try it from a grid to a detail view based on the same record type (Direct Copy checked), I get the error "Mismatching data types from column 200 to column 203".

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