Security Groups

Security Groups are objects that define what the Users who belong to them can and cannot do within the application. Security Groups contain basic permissions which can be further refined by modifying other objects in the application.


  • Title: This is the friendly name of the security group in the framework.
  • ID:  This is a read only numeric identifier of the security group.
  • Name: This is the official name of the security group in the framework.
  • Description:  A description of the user group.
  • Tag:  Group security groups into different tag options allowing for easier packaging of the application.  

If you're using groups to manage view access, be sure to tag them appropriately for packaging.

Group Security Settings

  • Designer Access: If selected, the users in this group will have access to designer tools.  
  • Security Admin: If selected, users in this group have the ability to make changes to users and their group membership.  
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