Set Selection

This action allows the user to select or deselect records in a view. Upon activating the action, the desired records will be selected or deselected depending on the specified options.


This action applies to all views--especially Selection Views. To make a view a Selection View, select the "Checkbox Selection" checkbox from the Data Behavior section of the Data tab of the View Editor. Then when the view is opened, a "Selected" column will appear as the first column in the view, with checkboxes to allow the user to select or deselect the records.

The Individual Record option for this action is utilized in conjunction with other actions. For example, it could be useful to have a For Each action, followed by an If action, and then finally a Set Selected action to select any individual records that meet the If action's criteria.

When multiple records are selected through this action, the actual record that is currently selected (displayed in a Form View)does not change.


  • Select: If checked, the action will select the desired record(s).  If unchecked, the action will deselect the desired record(s).
  • All Records: If "Individual Record" is selected, then the action will select/deselect individual records.  If "All Records" is selected, then all of the records in the grid will be selected/deselected.
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