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This action is used to provide a method for the user to select one or more files from their computer and upload them to DataVoke.  When multiple files are selected, DataVoke creates a new record for each file, and then runs a specified action chain (if any) on each newly created record.

  • Note that attachments should be kept to a maximum size of 50 MB.  Anything beyond that could cause DataVoke to behave erratically.  See the Property Tuner: Common Settings section of this documentation for more information on Attachment property types.


  • When the action is initiated, the user is prompted to select a file using the system file dialog box.  By default, this dialog box shows all file types, unless the File Type Filter​ option is set.
  • By default, the user is able to select a single file.  The file is uploaded and stored to the specified Target Property on the current record in the Target View.  A new record is only created during a single file selection if Create New Record is checked.
  • If the Allow Multiple option is checked, the User is able to select one or more files.  A new record is automatically created for each selected file in the Target View.  The file is uploaded and stored to the specified Target Property of its newly created record.
  • Once a file has been uploaded, the Chain To Run, if specified, is executed for each record that received an uploaded file.


  • Target View: The view that contains the Target Property where the file(s) will be stored.  If no view is specified, DataVoke will assume the current view (the view to which the action belongs).
  • Target Property: The property in the Target View that will store the selected file(s).
  • Chain To Run: Optional.  A user can specify an action chain that will execute for each record where a selected file is attached.  The action chain runs after the file has been uploaded.
  • File Type Filter: Optional.  A user can specify a filter string to limit the file types that can be selected.  See below for how to specify a filter string.
  • Allow Multiple: If checked, the user will be able to select multiple files to perform a batch upload.  This will always create a new record for each file selected by the user.
  • Create New Record: Available only if Multiple Files is unchecked, this will cause a new record to be automatically created for a single file upload.
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    Edwin Garcia

    If I copy:

    Portable Document Format (.pdf)|*.pdf

    directly into the file extension field; should the dialogue box then only allow for selection of PDF files?

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