Download Attachment

This action will attempt to download an attachment from the specified property of a selected record to the local computer.


  • Any active view property can be selected from the list of Attachment Properties, properties that are not attachment type will always fail and the No Document Chain will be executed.
  • Any existing action chain can be selected to be executed in the No Document Chain selection.  This action can be recursively called.
  • The downloaded file will go to your default web browser downloaded documents location.



Attachment Property: The property on the current selected record where the attachment will be downloaded from.

No Document Chain:  An optional action chain that will be executed if the attachment property of the selected record does not have an attachment.



  • Once the No Document Chain is executed, the original action chain is broken.
  • You can recursively call the Download Attachment action chain from the No Document Chain option.  If not done carefully this can lead to a run-a-way action chain.
  • This action must be used at the beginning of a chain, and should not be nested.
  • This action cannot be used with any view events, must be from a user button click.
  • This action cannot be used on a view that has "Checkbox Selection" enabled in the View Interaction section of the view tuner.
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