Create Your First Coactive Application

See how fast and easy it is to generate solutions in coactive.

Coactive Designer

As a coactive Designer you'll see buttons at the top of the screen allowing you to

Create A Table
  1. Click the CREATE button then roll over Table and click. This will open the Table Editor.
  2. Give your Table a name and Hint, then select your icon. 
  3. Now we'll add Fields to this new Table. 
  4. By default you'll see 'Record Code' added to the Columns list, this can be modified to fit the data you'll store. In some cases an integer column is used to store a serial number  that can be used in an expression to build a unique value in the Record Code column.

In the example below we've created a new Table called Customers and added Columns that reflect the data we want to store for our Customers.

Create a Form

Using our new Table we'll now create a Form and change the Form layout.

  1. Again, click the CREATE button, then click Form. Next you'll see a list of all the available Tables in your configuration.
  2. Select one to use in the new Form. Then select which columns you want displayed in your new form.
  3. Add fields to the list on the right using the arrows in the middle.
  4. Finish & Load the form.
Change the Form Layout
  1. Start by toggling into Design Mode using the Design Mode button in the top left corner.  You should see the rails expand on the right of screen.
  2. Click on the Customer Name field and drag it into the General collapsible group.
  3. See the details of each column appear in the rails as you select them.

Now you can see the configuration of the Customer Name field in this specific Form.

Edit Table Columns

After you close the Column editor, click in the grid area then click the Edit Form button in the rail.

Here you'll start to focus on the purpose of the data and how users will interact with records.

You can also open the customers Table Editor if you want to add columns or make other changes.

Add a New Task to the Form

Let's add a new button to our Customers Form.

  1. Click on Tasks in the Table Editor, here you'll see the buttons that were added by default.
  2. Click the button icon on the left and click in the form to open the Task Editor.
  3. Name your new button and select an icon.
  4. Now click the green plus sign in the Actions panel in the rails.

We're going to add a button that will allow a user to copy an existing record to avoid time entering duplicate data for customers at the same address.

Configure the Button

Notice the configuration options for the selected action show in the bottom of the panel, here you will choose the options for the selected action.

Click here to see a full list of actions and their configuration options.

Copy a Record

You can see the button is now in the menu bar at the top, and when clicked it creates a duplicate of the selected record.

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