Overview of the Interface

The Designer tools and settings are opened and closed using the Toobox and Settings buttons on either side. 

  • Across the top there is a CREATE button on the left and the designer toolbar and DESIGN MODE options on the right.
  • The left side includes a list of controls that can be added to a form, this is the Toolbox.
  • The righ side shows each controls options including appearance, name, hint etc.

Designer Toolbar

  • Search (ctrl+P): Access PinPoint Search to find Tables, Forms, Columns etc.
  • Configuration History Browser: Search and review a log of changes made in this workspace.
  • Debugger: Review stored variables and values currently loaded.
  • System Settings: Define email settings, theme and style, pickup packages etc.
  • Uncommittted Changes Notification: See a list of changes that have been captured but not committed.
  • DESIGN MODE Toggle: Turn on DESIGN MODE options or turn off design mode and capture changes locally.
  • Current User Information: Change your own password, view information about the current version.

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is used to add buttons, forms, grids etc to a form. Click an option in the list to select the control you want to add to your form.

The Rails

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