Working with User Variables

Each environment contains a record type named Users. This record type is referred to in the System Settings, User Extension tab. Properties configured in this tab are available for use throughout your application.

Expression Editor

Variables are used to set or confirm property values and can be accessed through the Expression Editor or entered when configuring an action.

  1. '{dvUserVal_Default_Password}'
  2. '{dvUserVal_Email_Address}'
  3. '{dvUserVal_First_Name}'
  4. '{dvUserVal_Full_Name}'
  5. '{dvUserVal_Last_Name}'
  6. '{dvUserVal_RecordID}'
  7. '{dvUserVal_Status}'

Notice the right panel in the Expression Editor, there are a list of 'dvUserVal_' variables.

In our example we're using the expression '{dvFirstName}' + ' ' + '{dvLastName}' to set the Created By property in the Customers Record Type.

Action Configuration

Designers can use User Variables anywhere the Expression Editor is available. In this example we've used the '{dvUserVal_Email_Address}' to set the to address for a Send Email action.

Learn more about User Management and Security.

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