Build an Action Chain

Action Chains combine one or more actions to add automation and functionality to your DataVoke solution. Store variables for use when sending email notifications and much more, at the click of a single button. 

We'll share examples used in your free development environment but the possibilities are literally endless.

Both the Manage Customers and Manage Users Record Types are built in your development environment already. You can see these chains in action!

Simple Action Chains

Combine the Alter View and New Record Actions for use as the onOpen() action chain in a New Customer pop-up view. When the pop-up appears it will create and show a new record then update the 'Property: Display Name' of the View to 'New Customer' respectively.

Click here to see how we create a pop-up view.

Call an Action from Another View

Interaction between child and parent views is very important to your solution's performance. In order to load quickly we want to store as few variables, actions, and properties as possible in a single view. In support of this a designer can call actions from parent views using stored variables or properties to update related records. This is specifically helpful when using pop-ups, which by design should load more quickly than a grid.

This 'New User' pop-up view is launched from the 'Manage Users' view with a stored variable  is set to 'ManageUsers'. This will be used to confirm the calling view before running a refresh action against the grid.

Once we confirm the new user record is valid ('ManageUsers' is true) we call the Refresh action chain in the Manage Users view. This saves a user a click once they're returned to the Manage Users view.

By combining action chains in different views you can maintain a clean workflow for your users avoiding extra clicks. In this case the user won't have to click the Refresh button after the pop-up closes.

Cloning Actions

Clone actions to speed up configuration for similar action chains. In the example below we could have built the Save & Close action chain first then copied it for use as a Save & New action.

That said, we can also clone the New User view and modify it for use as the Edit User view.

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