System Settings: Theme Tab

The theme is used to set a color palette for the entire environment. Items not specifically styled  in a style applied will be colored according to the theme colors selected.

The Theme List

  • To edit a current theme, scroll and select the name of the theme on the left under Themes.
  • Click the green plus sign to add a new Custom Theme.
  • Click the red minus sign to remove a theme from the list.

Theme Details

Theme Name: Edit the at the top right to name or edit an existing theme name.

Default Style: Apply a custom style to your environment. Click the red minus sign to remove the style.

See Theme Color Usage below to see how theme colors are applied throughout DataVoke.

Theme Color Usage

Theme Color Category
Theme Category Description
Primary Light 
  • Inactive Tab
  • Button Hover (top of gradient)
  • Selected Text in a Form Field
Primary Med-Light 
  • Grid Column Header
  • Grouping and Summary Rows in a Grid
  • Group Expand and Collapse Bar
  • Inactive Tab Hover
  • DataVoke Entity Selection
  • Select from Drop-down Highlight
  • Selected Cell Border
  • Drop-down List Border
  • 'Enabled' (Filter) Button
  • Group Expand and Collapse Bar Hover
  • View Header
  • Application Header (w/log-out icon)
  • Active Form Field Border
Primary Med-Dark
  • Active Tab, View, or Sub-form
  • Button Hover (bottom of gradient)
  • Tool-tip Border
Primary Dark  
  • Sub View Border
  • Download Attachment Icon
  • Record Code text
Primary Form Font
  • Inactive Tab
  • Button
  • Button Menu
  • Message Box
  • Entity Editor
  • Label Text
  • Filter Bar
  • Text Bar
Primary Header Font 
  • Active Tab
  • Grid Column Header
  • Group Box Header
  • 'Enabled' (Filter) Button
  • Summary
  • Active View
Secondary Light
  • DataVoke Workspace Background
  • Scroll Bar Background
  • Button (top of gradient)
  • Loading Screen Background
Secondary Med-Light
  • Login Screen Background
  • Side Bar Background
  • Form Background
  • Grid Lines
  • Selected Cell in Grid
  • Working Screen Background
  • Working (i.e. Saving or Updating Records) Background
  • Inactive Form Field Border
  • Boolean Field Border
Secondary Med-Dark 
  • Scroll Bar Foreground
  • Button (bottom of gradient)
  • Button Border
  • Inactive Form Field Border
Secondary Dark 
  • Button Pressed
  • Button Clicked Border
Secondary Form Font
  • Entity Editor Buttons
Secondary Header Font 
  • Inactive Tab
  • Inactive View
  • Grid Grouping Header
  • Filter Bar Arrow

See Samples and Color Names. Learn more about UI Theming.

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