System Settings: Security Tab

Modify the Security tab to align your solution's policies with your customer's security requirements.

Session Management

  • Session Timeout:  This value determines how many minutes users will be able to have an idle session before being prompted and forced to log in again. Users can choose to continue the session without being logged out. They'll be prompted 30 seconds before the session is closed.
  • Store Credentials: A Boolean option to remove the 'Stay Logged In:' option from the login screen.  
  • Keep Credentials for (Days): How many days before a users is prompted to re-enter their password.

To remove 'stored credentials' simply select logout under the user icon in the top right corner. You'll be returned to the log in page and that option will be deselected.

Password Policy

  • Maximum Login Attempts: Once a user fails to enter the correct password this many times their account will be disabled and require admin intervention.
  • Minimum Length: A password with fewer characters will not validate or save to the database.
  • Special Character List: Special characters not in the list will not be allowed in new passwords. Designers can override the default special character list. 
  • Password Expiration Length in Days: Designers can set this value to prompt users to change their passwords at a designated interval. The default is -1, which means passwords will never expire. 

You also have 4 requirement options that are Boolean values. Check these options to require specific types of characters are used in a password.

  • At least one lower case letter:  "[^a-z]"
  • At least one uppercase letter: "[^A-Z]"
  • At least one number: "[^0-9]"
  • At least one special character: "[/\|_!@#$%^&*()=+.-]"

See the Theme article next.

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