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The Overlay PDF action allows the user to overlay data in the header and footer of an existing PDF on a record.  Build an expression with record information to be added to the header and footer of the final PDF.  The action also allows you to set the document name when downloaded.

Configure the Action

  • Source PDF View: This view contains an attachment property containing PDF files needing additional information in the header or footer when printing.
  • Source PDF Property: The property that has the PDF document you want to create with an overlay.
  • Report To Overlay: This is the Report View that contains your custom header and footer.
  • Attach To (optional): The property in the view meant to store the resulting PDF. If this is not set the pdf will be downloaded to the user's browser. This would be a separate attachment property in the view.
  • As File Name: Add a string value or use the expression builder to name the resulting pdf.


For our example, we've added a pdf of each helpdesk article to our Help Tutorial view. This view is available in your development environment.

We then created a Help Report Layover View to flatten with the pdf on a selected record.

Configure the View

  1. Open the Help Record Type editor.
  2. Add an Attachment Property called PDF.
    NOTE: If you want to save the new pdf with the selected record add another attachment property.
  3. Edit the Help Tutorial View.
  4. Include the new property in the grid.
  5. Upload at least one pdf in the grid.

Configure the Report

  1. Create a New Report to layover the pdf file when executing the Layover PDF action.
  2. Drag a label control to the header of the report.
  3. Include the Video URL property in the label.

Configure the Overlay PDF Action

  1. Add a button to the Help Tutorial View.
  2. Add the Overlay PDF action to the button.
  3. Configure the button as you see below.
  4. Save and commit your changes.

Use the Overlay PDF Action

  1. Return to the Help Tutorial View and select a record.
  2. Click the Print PDF button you've just configured.

The new document is titled based on the 'As File Name:' expression applied in the action settings.

The Video URL is embedded in the header of the report.

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