Framework Release v6.4

DataVoke Report Design v2

Version 2 of the report designer allows you to add image entities to your reports as well as embeded subgrids.  We have also improved the way the report designer handle grids by stretching column widths.  There is also a new page break control that can be inserted on a report.    Keep an eye out for Version 3 coming soon.  

Column Property Event: On Click

You can now add a clickable event to a property.  This eliminates the need to select a record and then click on a button.  The user can now click on a value and have an action execute.  This additional option has been added to the Column Property Editor.  

Handling of Attachments with Copy Records

Improved the Copy Record action to allow you to copy attachment values along with all of the other record data.  

Configurable Email Servers for Send Email Action

Added a tab to the System Settings to allow you to configure the SMTP settings for your email server.  You can now define the server settings and authentication right from your app space.  

Drag and Drop Items to Reorder

Added the ability to reorder a list of actions or properties with drop and drag functionality.  This removes the need You can now drop and drag on the Action Editor, View Editor, and the New View Wizard.  

Disable/Skip Actions in Chain

This added a right click menu on the Action editor, allowing you to easily disable and enable individual actions within a chain.  This greatly improves your ability to debug an action chain without having to removed configured actions.  

Label Control Editor

Added a Label Control Editor that allows the designer to add expressions to a label, and well as provide configuration options such as: height, text wrapping, and display format.  

Extend Group Panel

Improved the group box feature to allow you to create the grouop box on your view.  This new funcationality provides you with options to disable the collapsing function and remove the header.  This allows you to create a group box or container to hold other controls.    

Right Click Menu Options in Ordered Lists

We have added a right click menu to allow you to quickly move items to the top and bottom of an ordered list, or remove them from the list all together.  This was done to enhance the drop and drag features added to the Action Editor, View Editor, and the New View Wizard.  

Deleting a Property

Added the ability to delete a property from either the Record Type Editor or the Pinpoint search, allowing the desinger to remove unused properties from a record type.    

Action: Overlay PDF

The Overlay PDF action allows the user to overlay data in the header and footer of an existing PDF.  With this new action you can build an expression with specific record information to be added to the header and footer of the PDF.  The action also allows you to set the document name when downloaded.  

Action: If Exists

The new If Exists action allows you to determine if a value exisits in a specified record type and property.  It allows you to perform basic unique checks and vlaue exists checks on a value.  

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