System Settings: Startup Tab

The Startup View is a hidden view that is opened when a user launches the DataVoke application. The standard usage of this view is the OnOpen event, which can launch additional views and store variables. 

DataVoke development environments are configured, by default, with a 'Startup' view. This is hidden at startup and opens the tutorial view.

To set the Startup View open the Global System Settings. Click the Gear icon in the Designer Rail. 

Once you access the System Settings you have the following options on the Startup tab.  

  • Startup View: This is the view that will be launched and hidden when a user logs in.
    • You could use this view to store variables and actions to call from other views.
    • You can also use this view to launch another view referencing the stored variables. Most often this would be used to process view access for a user.
  • Show Startup View:  If you want to expose the hidden view at startup check this box.

Editing the Startup view will allow you to view and update the configuration.  The configuration options are exactly the same as a standard view.  

On Open action of the default Startup view is basically used to store initial variables (e. g. User Name) and open the view (Dashboard) with the access to other application parts (e. g. User Management).

As a designer you can create specific dashboards for different applications. Have them open on startup to increase ease of navigation for your users.

See User Extensions article next.

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