Framework Release v6.3


Version 6.3 of DataVoke focused on improving the extensibility of the framework and introduced the first version of the DataVoke report designer. Version 6.3 also introduces Pinpoint Search, a feature that drastically increases the accessibility of search in DataVoke for a designer to find, edit, and launch views and other entities.

Pinpoint Search

Pinpoint Search is a redesigned entity finder for designers to quickly locate and perform common functions on all entity types.  It also enables the designer to clone a view and delete entities within an app. space.  

Custom Expression Functions

Adding to extensibility, designers can more easily create custom expressions, use and share them with other app spaces and other DataVoke developers. Custom Expression Functions come with a new Data and UI API layer that makes building extensions for DataVoke much easier. It also provides a layer of safety from future framework updates to keep extensions running smoothly.

DataVoke Report Designer v1

Version 1 of the report designer creates the ability to generate basic reports without writing code. In operation, similar to drag-and-drop creation of a view, designers can create simple reports and print them to a PDF.  

Custom Actions

Another extensibility improvement, allowing designers to implement brand new actions that can be executed inline with the DataVoke core actions. Custom actions are also share-able. This release laid the ground work for full implementation of Custom Actions, which will follow in the next release.

Designer Hotkeys

Keyboard shortcuts are key to a programmer's ability to move quickly when developing a software solution. This version of DataVoke will include a set of hotkeys that a designer can use to perform tasks much more efficiently. A reduction to the number of times the designer has to use the mouse just increases the window between mouse trackball cleanings!!!

Image Control Styles

Apply styles to an image control for background, borders, etc. Even add an action chain to execute when a user clicks on an image.

Bug Fixes

This release includes a bunch of bug fixes. As we add features to the framework, we are constantly focused on improving the stability of the framework.

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