Pinpoint Search

DataVoke has improved our search feature, falling in line with common interfaces you use everyday.

Use Ctrl+. or Ctrl+F to open the Pinpoint Search and search for entities by name.

Navigation and Hot Keys

  • Ctrl+. or Ctrl+f opens the PinPoint Search bar.
  • Start typing and search results will appear grouped by entity type.
    • Search words are added together to query using AND.  
      ie. Searching for My Stuff returns entities with "My" +and+ "Stuff" in the Title.
    • Search words wrapped in "double quotes" to match exact phrases.
      ie. Searching for "My Stuff" returns entities where "My Stuff" appears in the Title.
    • PinPoint Search is not case sensitive.  
  • Once in the list you can use the arrow keys to navigate to an entity showing in the results.
  • Highlight an entity and hit enter to launch the entity Editor.
  • Use shift+enter to open the View.
  • Clicking on either the UID or the ID fields will copy the details to the clipboard.  
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