Updates & Features since v6.0.10.6

This is a list of features and updates made to the framework since v6.0.10.6. 

Feature/Update Description Help URL
Updated top and left rail Updated and modernized the top and left rail  
Updated login screen Updated and modernized the login screen.   
DataVoke Configuration History Browser Added the configuration history browser to allow the designer to search configuration changes. Configure History Browser
Tags Tags replaced categories/Labels/app names Tagging in DataVoke
Styles  Allow the designer to customize the look and feel of their application.   Create and Edit a Style
Themes Create custom color schemes to be applied across your application UI Theming
Updated Security Groups Redesigned security Groups and provided only Designer and Admin options.  Security Groups
Package Create packages to push updates Packaging and Deployments
Updates to Debugger Debugger now displays DataType and where the variable was set.  It also has a refresh option to refresh the values.   
Property - List Data Type New data type that allows you to store a static list on the drop down source tab Properties
Property - DateTime - Generated by Server Date and time stamp will be generated by the server when the record is saved.  Properties
Property - Drop Down  Moved drop down configuration to a tab on the property editor.   Properties
Property - Formula validation Formulas are validated before save.  Toast message if there is an error.   Properties
Expression Editor  When you select a variable single quotes are automatically added.   Using Expression Editor
View Editor - Ignore Status Styling Allows you to Ignore a Statuses style.  Views
Action Editor - Create New action within an Action Allows you to quickly create a new action on your view while you are working on another action.   Actions
Action - Run JavaScript Allows you to inject JavaScript into your application.  Run JavaScript
Action - Send Email Replaces the old email notification and allows you to confirm and send emails from any action.  Email Templates are no longer available. Send Email
Action - Recalculate Aggregate Refreshes the aggregate source view and recalculates the properties based on it.  Recalculate Aggregate
Action - Refresh Style Not implemented yet  
View - Image Control Allows you to add an image to a view, image can be linked to an attachment property on the view or from a URL. You can also make the image clickable and execute an action chain.    
DavaVoke Tool Box - New Property Data Type Allows you to select the data type when creating a new property.  Quick-Add-Property
Removed Include in Package on Record type There is no longer a setting to push record type data with a package.  
Force Focus setting as a view option is removed. Sunsetting the force focus view setting.  
Pivot View configuration in HTML5 Pivot views can be created in HTML5 now.  
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