Use the Layout Editor to Customize a View

The layout editor allows you to add, edit, and arrange elements on your view.  The layout editing options change depending on what type of element you are working with.    

Layout Editor

The View Layout Editor allows you to arrange the containers and individual entities on your view.  The options here can be used to adjust individual entities on your view or entire containers.  

Greyed out options are unavailable for the selected entity or container.  

Arranging Entities

Elements can be arranged on the view by dragging and dropping them onto the view.  Placement is determined by the blue areas and allow you to align the element with single elements or entire groups or sections on the view.  As you drag items onto the view the blue areas will show you how and where the elements will be placed on the view.  

Editing Entities

Some entities have special editing options that are opened when selecting the entity and then clicking on the Edit option on the Layout Editor.  


Designer Toolbox

Adding new objects to your view is easy by clicking on the Plus next to the View Layout Editor.  This opens the Tool Box which allows you to select the object you would like to add and drag it onto the view.  Here you can select from: simple labels to buttons, fields, or even other views.  Just select an element then drag it onto the view where you want it.  

On the Fields tab you can quickly add new properties and set the property data type.  

Style Toolbox

Click on the Style Icon to open the Style toolbox.  It allows you to add and arrange styles on your view.  Styles can be applied to individual elements or to the entire view.  Styles added to the toolbox will be applied top to bottom with the last style taking precedence over styles above it.  

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