Framework Release v6.2


Version 6.2 of the DataVoke Framework has been released. In summary, this version of the framework includes the following features.

Manual Package Delivery

The ability to move DataVoke configuration from one App Space (environment) to another. This is available only to users with Designer permissions to both source and destination app spaces. It is performed by Queuing a "Package" from the source App Space and picking it up in the destination. A package can be queued once and picked up multiple times to deploy configuration to multiple destination App Spaces. In future versions of Package Delivery, we will enable automated and scheduled Package Delivery, integrating with the DataVoke Portal.

Image Control

Gives you the ability to drag an image control onto a form view to show images from the web, or from images that have been uploaded to attachment property types. You can even style the image control to match your theme.

New Action: Send Email

Making sending emails from DataVoke much easier with an Action to configure and send emails from anywhere within a DataVoke app, without the constraint of having to set a status value and save to the database

Login Makeover

We've redesigned the Login screen, and the left and top rails of the workspace.


Add and improved your ability to customize your app with custom styles that can be applied across the application or to individual components.  This combined with Themes allows you to have complete control over the look and feel of your user interface.  

UI Themes

Added the ability to create and set custom color schemes that will be applied across your entire application.  Allowing you to customize the look of your application.  

Update to Security Groups

Simplifying the Security Group options to improve your ability to control who has designer and administrative access to the DataVoke environment.  


Tags where implemented to improve the designers ability to group entities an enhance searching and packaging capabilities.  Tags can be created throughout an app space and an entity can have multiple tags applied to it.  

New Action: Recalculate Aggregate

This action refreshes the aggregate source view and all of its associated properties.  This improves your ability to recalculate fields as data gets updated.  

New Action: Run JavaScript

Improved the ease in which you can inject JavaScript into DataVoke with an embedded JS editor.  The JS Editor allows the user to instantly validate the JS while writing it.  

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