Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is used to apply a status to a record based on a specific set of conditions.  These statuses can be applied to the entire record or to individual properties. The conditions are set at the property level on the Conditional Statuses tab of the Property Editor.   

Here are the steps to follow to apply the conditional statuses:

  1. Create a new status.  (if needed)
  2. Open the Property Editor for the property you would like to apply the status to.  
    NOTE: If you would like to apply the statuses to the entire record code then open the Record Code property.  
  3. Click on the Conditional Statuses tab and then click on the green plus sign to add a condition.
  4. In the Set Status To field select the status you would like to use.
  5. In the If Expr field set the formula using the Expression Editor.  


In this example I am going to apply 3 different statuses to the entire record.  The statuses will be applied according to the Total property.  

Create the Statuses

  • I have created 3 statuses:
    • Ex_Above
    • Ex_Below
    • Ex_Minimum

Each status will apply a color to the entire record if it meets the criteria in the formula.

Format the Conditional Statuses

Now I want to add the conditional formatting to the Record Code property for each of my 3 conditions.

Once I save and close my view will refresh and the statuses will be set based on the conditions.  

See the Status article and the Properties article to learn more.  

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