Using the Image Control

The Image Control allows you to add images to your application.  They can be added from either a URl or from an attachment property on the views Record TYpe.  The image control also allows you to assign an action chain to an image that will be executed when the image is clicked.  

Add an Image Control to a Form

In design mode click the plus sign on the Layout bar to open the DataVoke toolbox.

Click and drag the image control onto your form.

Insert an Image from the Web

If you want to insert an image from the internet, paste the address into the URL bar and click Update.

Right-click the image and click Copy image address, it must end in a '.png', '.jpg' or other web-safe image file extension.

Insert an Image from an Attachment Property

If you have images stored in an attachment property, you can set the image control to show the image on the form.

Using On Click with an Image

Combine a photo from the Web with the On Click option to make a custom button.

  1. Select an Open View to load the Action Chains available.
  2. Choose an Action Chain to run when the image is clicked.

Styling the Image Control

Image Control is an option in the Styles list. You can create a new style just for your images adding a border, padding, background color etc.

Style Options

Styling the View vs the Control

Style controls individually by selecting them in the view.

Apply the style to the view to affect all image controls in the view.

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