Configuration History Browser

The Configuration History Browser allows you to filter and dispaly a list of changes made to your DataVoke environment.  

The Configuration History Browser is located in the designer left hand rail directly above the System Settings button.  These options are only available if you have designer security premissions.

The Configuration History Brwser provides you with a list of all the entities that have been updated for the given filter options.  It opens filtered to today by default.  You have the follwoing filtering options:

  • Date - The drop down provides you with the following choices: Today, Past Week, Past 30 Days, Custom Range, All.  If you choose Custom Range you can enter the dates in the From and To fields.  
  • Entity ID - The Entity ID is the unique number assigned by the framwork to every entitiy within the environment.  Entering that number will filter the list to only display configurations changes to it.  
  • User - Allows you to see configuration changes done by a specific user.  
  • Type  - Allows you to filter the grid by the different entity types.
  • Action - Allows you to filter the grid by the following actions: Insert, Update, Delete, All.

Once you updated the filter options click Search to update the resultsin the grid.  The results are displayed in descending order with the most recent change at the top of the list.  

Selecting any line and click on the box icon.  This will give you the option to add it to an existing package or create a new package.  

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