Packaging and Deployment

When you've completed work on a solution you'll need to provide a production version for your users to access the application. After creating the package you'll be able to queue the package. You'll be provided a token allowing you to pick up the package from another DataVoke environment.

Add a New Package

Add Entities by Tag

If you've tagged the entities you want to package you can click the Add by Tag button to add them.

Add Entities from the Configuration Browser History

Individual properties are automatically added when the record type is added.

Queue a Package

Once you've compiled all the necessary entities Save and then queue your package for delivery.

Package Pickup

  1. Open the System Settings in the destination environment where you want to import the package.
  2. Click the Package Pickup tab.
  3. Paste in the Package Token from the Queued package.
  4. Click Pickup Package.


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