Tagging in DataVoke

In DataVoke tags are primarily used to group entities to ease searching and packaging. Be as specific as you like, these are for your reference.

Using tags wisely allows one or more designers to work on different stages of various applications in one DataVoke app space. Use tags to keep track of each necessary entity to ensure your packages include all that's required for your application to function.

Add a New Tag

  1. Click the 'Create a new...' plus sign.
  2. Select 'Tag' from the list to open the Edit Tag entity editor.
  3. Click the 'New Tag' button to expand the panel, add a Name and Description for your tag.

As you work on applications you may have tags that specify a version of a build or whether it's ready for release. You can also tag your tags, this is handy when multiple designers are maintaining smaller pieces of a larger project.

Add New Tag in the Entity Editors

You can also add new tags to the tag list at the Record Type and View levels.

As you create new views add the same tag as the Record Type to ensure your view is included later.

View a Tagged Entities List

  • Once saved, your tag will be available in the Tags list in PinPoint.
  • Double-click the tag name to see a list of all entities with that tag applied.

Learn about Tags and Packaging

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