Create an Analysis View with Aggregate Properties

An Analysis view is a view that it is configured to calculate data from properties located on a related view.  

Configure the Aggregate Property

To create a analysis view you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new view from the related view's Record Type.  This view only needs to contain the record code property, the property you are calculating, and the grouping property.  
  2. On the View Editor set the Group By property on the Other tab.
  3. Open the Property Editor for the property that will display the calculated data.  
    1. On the Aggregation tab set the:
      1. Source View to your Analysis view.
      2. Select the type of Aggregation.
      3. Select the Of Property to the property you want to calculate.
  4. Save & Close the Property Editor and Refresh your view.  The property will now display the calculation.
  • The aggregate option is set on the property at the record type level.
  • Only decimal and integer properties can be used as aggregate properties.

Tips, Tricks, and Examples

In this example we want to calculate the Money property from the related Income view to the Income property on the parent view.
The income tab on this view is linked by the Acc. ID property.  We will use this link to create the analysis view.

The Analysis view will be created from the same record type as the Income sub-grid and it will include the Record Code, Acc ID, and Money properties.  

Once the view is created, open the Edit View window to set the Grouped Property setting on the Other tab.  The Grouped Property will be the linked property.  

Once the Analysis view is setup you now need to configure the property on the parent view to display the result of the analysis view.

To do this open the Edit Property window for the Income property and open the Aggregation tab.  

  • Set the Source View to the anaylsis view.
  • Select the type of Aggregation you would like to perform.
  • Set the Of Proeprty you want to calculate.  

Note the formula added to the Income property, this formula will display a value of 0 if there is no data to calculate on the analysis view.  

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