Send Email

This action is used to provide a method for the user to send an email from the application. This action can be called from a button, inside an action chain or from a background view.


Email addresses must be comma separated.


  • To: Use an expression or enter an email address wrapped in single quotes. i.e. ''
  • Subject: Use an expression to build the subject or enter text wrapped in single quotes.
  • Body: Use HTML tags to format the body of your email in the expression editor.

Advanced tab include BCC and CC options.

Add the 'Send Email' Action to a Button

You can add the Send Email notification to an Action Chain anywhere in your application. In this example we'll allow a user to send an email to the representative assigned to an order.

Select an Email Address Property or Stored Variable for the 'To' Option

Use the Expression Editor to configure the To, Subject, and Body to send an email. The advanced tab offers Carbon and Blind Copy options.

Below is a basic configuration for sending an email.

Hard code email addresses using single quotes like ''

Format the Body Using HTML

Standard HTML tags can be used to format your email body or add line breaks.

Don't forget to configure your EMail settings in System Settings.

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