Linked Properties & Drop-downs

Linked Properties allow you to add and/or retreive data from multiple Record Types onto your view.  

Linking a Record Type to a Property

Linking two record types can be accomplished by adding a record type to the Drop Down Source of a property.  

  1. Click on the Drop Down Source field on the Property Editor to open a list of available Record Types.  
  2. Select the Record Type you would like to link to this property.

By adding a record type to the Drop Down Source you have created a link between these two record types.  

  • Do Not Create Link: If checked, the property will still be controlled by a drop-down menu, but no link will be created between the two records when the value is saved.
  • Sync From Source: If checked (which is the default), this ensures any values added to the drop-down source will automatically be added to the drop-down list in the view.

When you create a view with this record type the property with a Record Type in the Drop Down source will have a drop down list with all the records in the attached record type.  The drop down list will only display the Record Code property on the Record Type.  

To learn more about Editing Properties see the article on Properties

Adding linked property to a view

To add a Linked property, open the "Edit View" screen and go to the Data tab.

  1. On the Data tab press the Link Property button to select the Record Type you want to link a property from
  2. After selecting a Record Type, select a Property to link and press OK
  3. Linked property is shown in the Data Properties list and can be used on the view or within actions on the view.  

Tips, Tricks, and Examples

In this example we have two record types.  One is a list of currency types and exchange rates.  The second record type contains items, the currency type, and a value.  We want to be able to calculate an item's value using the exchange rate in the first record type.  In order to do this we need to do the following steps:

  • Create the Currency record type with the following properties: Currency, Exhange Rate, Serial #
  • Create the Order record type with the following properties: Order ID, Amount, Currency, USD Amount and Serial #.  
  • On the Currency Property select the Currencies record type as the Drop Down Source
  • Once this is setup, create a view that is based on your Orders record type and add the Exchange Rate property from the Currencies record type using the Add Linked Property button on the Data tab of the View Editor and refresh the view.
  • The exchange rates are now visible on your view.  
  • Add an action to calculate the USD Amount.
  • To calculate, use the Set Value action to set the value of USD Amount to an expression like this:

Anytime you execute this action chain for a record, the USD Amount will be calculated.   You can use a For Each action to call this action chain to update multiple records at the same time.

PRO TIP: You'll probably want to do this with an action chain rather than setting the Formula in the USD Amount field so you can control when the calculation occurs as exchange rates will vary and you might not want to change old order amounts based on today's exchange rate.

When using a linked property as a drop-down, data in that field will be limited to entries in the list. That said, if you plan to import records into a grid containing a linked property, it's important you remember to populate the linked field's view with any value you want to import and store in the view.

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